Chuck Brennan Helps Kick-Off the Little League Season with a $10,000 Donation

Chuck BrennanChuck Brennan is the Founder and CEO of Dollar Loan Center headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chuck Brennan established the company in 1998. Dollar Loan Center offers easy-to-attain financing for immediate financial needs. The business has expanded operations since opening and currently serves customers in four states: California, Nevada, South Dakota, and Utah.

Chuck Brennan, CEO of Dollar Loan Center, recently presented a check for $10,000 to the Henderson, Nevada Little League. The league was in danger of shutting down in 2011 due to lack of funding. Chuck Brennan came forward with a $10,000 donation that allowed the league to fund its entire season of tournaments and games.

In March of 2012, sponsorship for the team lagged and again Chuck Brennan stepped forward to aid the team with a donation of $30,000. Another donation of $10,000 this year made it the third year Chuck Brennan and Dollar Loan Center has sponsored the local team. The combined three year total that Chuck Brennan and Dollar Loan Center have donated to the Henderson Little League is $50,000. In addition, Chuck Brennan has pledged his support to the team in the amount of $10,000 each year for the next five years. Among other things, these generous donations help the league with operating costs such as park fees, uniforms, equipment and staffing for local games.

Chuck Brennan believes the successful Little League program is one of the things that make Henderson one of the best places in Nevada for families. The Henderson Little League was home to last year’s District 2 Champions for the state of Nevada. The additional funding provided by Dollar Loan Center and Chuck Brennan helped the team attend the 2012 tournament.

Chuck Brennan believes in the importance of offering positive outlets for children to blow off steam so he is an enthusiastic supporter of athletics for kids. He believes the Little League program is an excellent way to help children develop character, discipline, teamwork, and citizenship. The objective of Little League programs is to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

Chuck Brennan is an entrepreneur and businessman and Chuck Brennan is recognized as an optimistic, generous, and dedicated member of his community.  Chuck Brennan gives hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to various organizations in his home state of Nevada and throughout the country. Chuck Brennan is recognized as one of the top philanthropists in Nevada.

Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Chuck Brennan currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife and four children.